How to truly ROB A JOB

What is a job application?

A written request for employment typically on a specific form provided by the potential employer.

A job application is used to do the following:

How do I acquire a job appication?

You can obtain a job application the following ways:

If you go to the business for the job application be sure to dress in a pair of non denim pants and a collared shirt.

What is the correct way to complete a job application?

Before beginning, read the entire application to help ensure accuracy.

Pay close attention to all of the application instructions.

This includes identifying sections that indicate “for office use only” or “do not write below this line.”

When answering the question “what job is being applied for,” be specific.
If an individual does not have legible handwriting they can either scan the application into a computer or type prepared responses on a separate piece of paper to submit with the application.

If a person has legible handwriting, use a black pen and keep mistakes to a minimum.

If a mistake is made, it is best to start over.

Individuals should also be cautious about using abbreviations.
There is only one abbreviation that can be used and that is NA, meaning not applicable.

Inappropriate voice mail messages with certain types of music or poor language choice may cause the individual to not receive a job interview.

Including an email address is appropriate however, it also needs to be professional.

How does one turn in a job application?

After an individual has double checked their information to be sure it is correct and that there are no errors, return the application to the business.

Make a phone call to the business asking what would be an appropriate time to drop off the application.

Also inquire about who would be the best person to receive the application usually a manager.

Following the same rules as before, be sure to dress appropriately and be prepared to answer any additional questions they may have.

Once the application has been submitted, follow up with a phone call approximately 3 days later to ensure they have no additional questions and the correct individual received the application.