How to truly ROB A JOB

How do I present myself?

Come up with talking points.

Make sure you have a strong, firm handshake! No one enjoys a limp handshake.

Put together your Interview Tool Bag

     - Tissues or handkerchief

     - Breath mints

     - Note paper and pen

What is the proper attire for this occasion?

Dress code for WOMEN

     - Dressing in a conservative business suit is the best way to present a professional image.

     - Your blouse should complement the suit in a conservative fashion.

     - Stockings are a must and should be flesh-toned or a color very close to it.

     - Shoes should be sensibly selected in a way that is not intended to make a statement.

     - Hair should be of a conservative style and not look like you have spent hours caring for it.

     - Fingernails should be trimmed and hands clean.

     - Jewelry should be kept to a minimum and conservative in appearance.

     - Cologne and perfume are fine for both men and women as long as it is not overbearing.

Dress code for MEN

     - A conservative business suit is almost always the rule.

     - Acceptable colors continue to be darker shades and hues including grays, blues (navy), and black.

     - A plain white or off-white shirt is always a winner.

     - Dressing in your best attire for the interview also means having your shoes shined, if not new.

     - Hair should be of a conservative style and not look like you have spent hours caring for it.

What are some helpful tips that will help with my interview overall?

Prepare yourself with questions that you could be asked and prepare your own questions.

     - The hiring team wants to hear questions and see that you are activly involved.

     -When researching, write down unanswered questions to ask during the interview.

     - Bring notes and additional copies of your resume.

Research the organization.

     - Find out their mission.

     - How was it funded?

What are possible questions that I could be asked?

Tell me about yourself.

- Will you relocate?

- What motivates you?

- What are your short-term goals?

- What are your long-term goals?

- What can you do for us?

- How do you work under pressure?

- What salary are you worth?

- What are your three most important accomplishments thus far in your career?

- What is your greatest strength? Weakness?

- Give an example of your creativity.

- Give an example of your analytical skills.

- Give an example of your administrative skills.

- Give an example of some of your leadership skills.

- How do you interact with co-workers?